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Frequently asked questions

Is it best to have a massage before or after training?

For most people after training is generally best to enjoy the relaxation you experience from the massage. This will also assist in your recovery process.

There are times that massage is used before the athlete starts, in preparation for the event.

How often should I have a massage?

It really depends. Some clients prefer regular weekly massage as part of a healthy lifestyle. Others come only when they have a particular problem or are experiencing a stressful period.

With all new clients, there will be a general health questionnaire to complete to clarify any problems you might have and possible questions about the massage.

What clothes are appropriate to wear for a massage?

It does depend on the area of the body you request the massage for. If its your back and shoulders, trousers can be left on and you will be covered with a towel. Only areas that are worked on will be exposed.

What effects can I expect from the massage?

Massage offers real lightness and relief from the tension allowing you to enjoy life more easily. Clients can also experience more energy as the treatment gives your body a real healthy time out.

When is massage not best for me?

When you are experiencing a cold or flu, massage is not advised. There are a few other times were caution is needed and  if you have had recent surgery or a major illness it is always best to check with your doctor before starting massage.

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